This course is designed for hairdressers at any level to gain a better understanding of the WHY when cutting hair.
Learning about the foundation of lines, graduation and layers and their combinations with the 3 fundamental shapes round, triangular and square.
You will also learn about how to do a fantastic consultation and how to create a look that is suitable for the individual.


Building up on Essential Cut , this course gives you a new twist to your salon work by learning the use of disconnection and the understanding of it's placement. Working on looks that you can use on your day to day basis in the salon.

1 to 1

This course is designed to work on your individual needs , step by step guidance and direct feedback will help you to progress much quicker. You will have the full attention so that we can help you to improve your skills and elevate you to the next level.


Bespoke courses tailored to your salons needs can be created to the amount of time that we need to push your salon forward to the next level.

Look and Learn

A day of Look and Learn is to awaken your creative energy, live demonstrations and lectures from our team will give you a new spirit for your daily work.