A new approach of teaching

MG EDUCATION is an international education company. 

We are delivering haircutting education on  the highest level in any place in the world.

On the base of the 3 fundamental techniques Lines, Graduation and Layers and the 3 fundamental shapes round, triangular and square you will easily learn to understand the principles of cutting hair and gain certainty in your work.


MG EDUCATION designed a completely new and unique way of teaching. All our seminars start and finish with a motivational part to stimulate your mind and make you feel alive.

We believe that nowadays it takes more than just cutting hair to be succesful in our industry. 

We believe in Passion, Energy, Focus and the Individual. 


Do you want to awaken your giant within?


Do you want to know how it feels to be certain about your work?


Do you want full attention and patient teachers?


Do you want to grow?

„It's not how good you are , it's how good you want to be!“